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Sound Agriculture uses modern technology to address the needs of growers, helping them succeed in a rapidly changing world. Our new class of products tackle some of today’s biggest farming challenges by unleashing the power of plants to create a more sustainable agriculture system.

Traditional tools have not kept pace with the needs of growers, often having negative impacts on farm profitability and the health of the land. We believe there is a better way. Our products offer cost-efficient solutions that improve crop health and productivity.

New scientific breakthrough have led to a deep understanding how plants interact with the environment. With this knowledge, we have developed products that boost nutrient use efficiency, drought tolerance, and stress resilience, while reducing reliance on water and fertilizer.



Rapid Discovery Platform
Proprietary research and high throughput learnings allow for new discoveries at speeds never before available.

Effective and Reliable Results
Science-backed products have proven results in the lab and field.

Scalable Solutions
Tools are created with the grower in mind leading to ease of use and the ability to scale quickly.


Sound Agriculture was started by Eric Davidson and Travis Bayer, experts in microbiology and biochemistry who wanted to apply lab-based research to real-world issues. With early funding from The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, they developed a product to tackle major problems for farmers in sub-Saharan Africa. After that success, the team expanded its data-driven discovery platform, gaining a new understanding of the complex interactions between molecules and plants. These insights have led to technologies that are revolutionizing the way growers manage environmental stress issues in the field.

Adam Litle

Chief Executive Officer

Eric Davidson, PhD

Chief Administrative Officer, Co-Founder

Travis Bayer, PhD

Chief Technology Officer, Co-Founder

John Riley

VP Manufacturing & Supply

Michelle Yoshinaka

VP Corporate Marketing & Communications

Dan Jacques

VP Business Development

Darin Sothers

VP Sales

Joel Lipsitch

VP Product Management & Marketing



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