Supporting a sustainable food
system through modern innovation


Agriculture is being faced with new challenges: producing an adequate amount of food for a growing population, reducing land use, protecting natural resources, and dealing with changing and unpredictable weather patterns. Traditional approaches to farming need to be modernized in order to meet these new demands and ensure the sustainability of our land and security of our food for future generations.

At the same time, growers are dealing with obstacles including water limitation, nutrient constraints, weather variability, and the limits of plant physiology, which can lead to limited production, reduced food quality, and increased food waste. Our discovery process focuses on these environmental stress issues and identifies new ways to overcome them.


At Sound, we study how plants interact with the natural environment. There is a complex and constant system of communication between plants and microbes that is vital to a plant’s survival. Plants send small molecule signals to microbes that tell them to initiate processes to help plants fight disease, increase nutrient uptake, thrive when faced with limited water, and more.

Our discoveries about how these interactions between plants and microbes take place, combined with today’s computing power and high throughput biology, have led to cutting-edge products that guide these “conversations” to achieve desired outcomes. By doing so, we are able to help plants overcome adverse conditions and continue to flourish despite environmental challenges. And, thanks to modern advancements in machine learning, we are able to do this at a scale and speed that has never been possible until now.


Our team of scientists have expertise in a wide range of scientific disciplines, bringing together many unique perspectives to problem solving. Through daily collaboration and an underlying focus on creativity, we are bringing new solutions to growers. These cutting-edge technologies disrupt traditional input-intensive techniques, and empower growers with accessible, modern tools that help them meet production, revenue and sustainability goals.


Scientific insights combined with modern computing power and high throughput biology drives our innovation.

We start with unique insights into plant and soil interactions, then leverage today’s computing power and high throughput biology to create a proprietary knowledge asset. We can discover new products at a scale and speed that were previously impossible.


We focus on finding solutions that increase the sustainability, productivity and healthiness of our food supply.

Two distinct discovery platforms allow us to tackle many of today’s biggest agriculture challenges with novel solutions.

Bio-inspired Products: helping growers achieve sustainability goals with science-backed products that provide real results.

Expressive Breeding: building a healthier and more secure food system through a revolutionary modern breeding technique.

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