Embracing molecular discovery
for healthier, more vibrant crops


Environmental stress leads to a 50% loss in yield. Water limitation, nutrient constraints, weather variability, and the limits of plant physiology result in limited production and reduced food quality. Sound’s discovery platform combines molecular biology, high throughput phenotyping, and deep learning to rapidly identify and optimize new technologies that can address these barriers.

Sound’s novel approach to product development starts by looking at the end goal. By identifying the optimal characteristics of the plant and soil, our diverse team of scientific experts collaborates to discover sustainable ways to help underperforming plants thrive in all conditions.

By disrupting traditional input-intensive agricultural techniques, we are empowering farmers to embrace easy-to-use modern technologies that allow them to meet production, revenue and sustainability goals.


We start with unique insights into plant and soil interactions, then leverage today’s computing power and high throughput biology to create a proprietary knowledge asset. We can discover new products at a scale and speed that were previously impossible.


Our discovery team looks for solutions that will increase the sustainability, productivity, and healthiness of food. Our research is focused on four areas:

  • Nutrient Efficiency: Increase the availability of nutrients in the soil and improve how efficiently crops use these nutrients.
  • Water Capture: Allow crops to thrive with less rain or irrigation and make them resilient to drought.
  • Plant Growth and Architecture: Enable rapid root and shoot growth under early season stress, and help plants increase grain fill.
  • Photosynthesis: Increase the efficiency of photosynthesis to improve the ability of plants to capture carbon from the air.

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