Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Sound Agriculture?

Sound Agriculture is a company dedicated to using the power of science to design reliable and effective tools that increase crop production, improve food quality and reduce food waste. Our ground-breaking tools disrupt traditional input-intensive techniques to help growers do more with less, while supporting production, revenue and sustainability goals.

Why was the company started?

Growers face new challenges that traditional tools were not designed to address. Sound develops modern solutions that help produce more food using less land and fewer resources, and with a smaller environmental impact. Watch our video to find out more.

Who are the founders?

Sound Agriculture was founded by Eric Davidson, PhD and Travis Bayer, PhD to use their expertise in molecular biology, biochemistry and biophysics to discover science-based solutions to today’s complex agriculture challenges. Learn more about us.

What products does Sound Agriculture offer?

We are developing products based on unique insights into the interactions between plants and the environment, coupled with today’s computing power and high throughput biology. In addition to SOURCE™ which supports nutrient efficiency, we are developing products that support improved photosynthesis, water capture, plant growth, crop efficiency, consumer preferences and food waste reduction. Learn more about our discovery platform.

What is SOURCE?

SOURCE is a new type of crop enhancement product that activates microbes in the soil to initiate atmospheric nitrogen fixation and phosphate solubilization nutrient cycling functions. This unlocks vital nutrients that are present in the soil, enabling them to be used by the plant. Learn more by watching the SOURCE Mode of Action video here.

What is the application window?

SOURCE provides a flexible application window from V4 to R3.

How do I apply SOURCE?

SOURCE can be applied alone or as part of a tank mix with all types of ground or aerial spraying equipment. SOURCE is compatible with most herbicides, insecticides and fungicides when mixed in water.

What type of results should I expect from SOURCE?

By providing a boost of in-season nutrition, SOURCE can lead to increased yield and improved plant health. Check out more about trial performance.

Can I apply SOURCE to crops other than corn?

SOURCE is currently being sold for use with corn. To learn more about trial opportunities with soy and wheat, contact [email protected].

How can I purchase SOURCE?

To purchase SOURCE, call 833-SOUND20 (833-768-6320) or email [email protected].

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