Helping farmers unlock the potential in every field


By harnessing the innate biology of the plant and soil, our leading scientific experts create products that naturally stimulate plant and soil production and health. Field trials have shown that Sound technology leads to greater yields while allowing farmers the freedom to scale back inputs such as water, fertilizers, and microbes – improving grower profitability while reducing negative environmental impact.


Sound takes a new approach to product development. Our team looks at the optimal characteristics of the plant and soil and discovers bio-inspired, sustainable ways to help underperforming plants thrive in suboptimal conditions. Every Sound product integrates seamlessly into standard growing practices, whether seed or foliar applied.


Nutrient Efficiency

Fertilizer is one of the biggest input costs for a grower. Our nutrient efficiency product pipeline is aimed at increasing the availability of nutrients in the soil and increasing the efficiency of uptake and use by the crop.

Water Capture

Water is vital for agriculture. Our goal is to allow crops to thrive with less rain or irrigation, making them resilient to drought and improving the efficiency of the cropping system.

Plant Growth and Architecture

The speed of seedling growth and the shape of plant development is impacted by the environment, and also affects the productivity of the crop later in the season. We are developing products to enable rapid root and shoot growth under early season stress, as well as finding ways to enable plants to increase grain fill.


Energy from the sun drives the productivity of agriculture and is foundational to life on earth. Our scientists are exploring ways to increase the efficiency of the fundamental process, which will improve crop yields and the ability of plants to capture carbon from the air.

Enhanced Nutrition

Our mission is to improve the sustainability of the food system for growers and consumers. We are discovering natural ways to increase the nutrition (nutrient, mineral, antioxidant content) and flavor profile of grains and vegetables.

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