Activating the soil



Soil holds the innate ability to provide for the plant. Every season, extra bushels are left in the field because current tools are unable to access the soil’s full potential. Source solves that issue by unlocking the nutrients already found in the soil. When science and modern innovation take hold, it leads to a more environmentally sound solution for better production and more efficiency. It’s not magic, just science.

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Reliable and Predictable Performance

Easy to Use with a Low Use Rate

Apply Anytime V4 Through Tassel


Stimulates existing soil microbes

Safe and stable way to enable the soil environment to work harder for the plant.

Novel science validated by intellectual property

Hard science and well understood mode of action supported by rigorous research, development and regulatory processes.

Easy-to-use and flexible application window

Foliar spray compatible with most tank mixtures. Low use rate and seamless integration with current management practices. Can be applied in-season, post-emergence through tassel.

Increased yield

Increases yield an average of 9.6 bushels per acre with an 88% win rate in average yielding environments.*

Positive return on investment and sustainability

Driven by yield increases, competitive cost and reduced risk for nutrient loss.



*45 trials over two years, average yield below 240 bushels/acre and N use below 200 lbs/acre.


Nitrogen and phosphorus are essential nutrients needed by plants to grow. Both are naturally available in the environment, but a large portion are present in forms that are unusable by plants.

Atmospheric nitrogen makes up 80% of the air we breathe, but plants cannot use this form of nitrogen. Certain soil bacteria can “fix” nitrogen, turning it into a plant-available form (ammonia). These nitrogen fixing bacteria can be found by the millions in the nodules on soy roots. They also live in the soil of virtually every field, but in modern cropping systems, these bacteria rarely provide plant-available nitrogen to crops.

Phosphorus is also present in soil, but much of it is locked up and not available to the crop during the growing season. Phosphate fertilizer is absorbed into the soil particles and released by soil microbes for use by the crop. However, this process is very slow, so a significant amount of the phosphate is left unused.

Source makes the soil environment favorable for crop growth by signaling to these bacteria, activating their metabolism. Source enables the soil to fix nitrogen and unlock phosphorus, providing the plant access to these vital nutrients.

The soil holds the power. Source sets it free.

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Source was developed based on a deep understanding of how the plant and environment interact. Applied as a foliar spray, Source signals the existing soil microbes to turn on atmospheric nitrogen fixation and phosphate solubilization to increase nutrient availability when and where the plant needs it most. See it in action.


Two years of field trials have shown that Source provides an average 9.6 bushel per acre increase and 88% win rate. This year, Source is hard at work on more than 130 sites throughout the U.S. Follow us on Twitter to stay on top of what’s happening throughout harvest.

Source will be available soon for the 2020 growing season. Download the Source Fact Sheet to learn more.

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