Activating the soil



Soil holds the innate ability to provide for the plant. Every season, extra bushels are left in the field because current tools are unable to access the soil’s full potential. SOURCE solves that issue by unlocking the nutrients in the soil to improve nutrient use efficiency. When science and modern innovation take hold, it leads to a more environmentally sound solution for improved production and efficiency. It’s not magic, just science.

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An Interactive Guide: Tapping Into Soil Health Potential

Understanding the soil and how to maximize its full potential can help improve productivity and profitability. Experts and growers share simple steps to help you get more from every acre.

Reliable Performance, Predictable Results

Source Trial Locations

Low-risk solution to increase crop-available nutrients

A new way for growers to drive value into the field

Consistent results in all major US corn producing areas

Strong performance with sustainability practices

*ROI based on 2019 market fundamentals.

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Source was developed based on a deep understanding of how the plant and environment interact. Applied as a foliar spray, Source goes to work in the soil where it activates beneficial microbes at the root zone. These microbes unlock phosphate to make it available to the plant, and transform nitrogen in the atmosphere into a plant available form. The result is an increased boost of nitrogen and phosphorus for the plant throughout the season, which can lead to increased plant health and enhanced yield.


Stimulates existing soil microbes

Safe and stable way to enable the soil environment to work harder for the plant.

Novel science validated by intellectual property

Hard science and well understood mode of action supported by rigorous research, development and regulatory processes.

Easy-to-use and flexible application window

Foliar spray compatible with most tank mixtures. Low use rate and seamless integration with current management practices. Can be applied in-season, post-emergence through tassel.

Increased yield

Increases corn yield an average of 8.6 bushels per acre with an 85% win rate.

Positive return on investment and sustainability

Driven by yield increases, competitive cost and reduced risk for nutrient loss.

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